Mount LVM Partition in rescue mode and run fsck RHEL FEDORA and CENTOS

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This howto will explain you how to mount lvm partition in (Redhat/Fedora/Centos) and run fsck.

Boot your rescue media, don’t activate network services.

Scan for volume groups:

# lvm pvscan
# lvm vgscan
# lvm lvscan
# lvm lvdisplay

Activate all volume groups:

# lvm vgchange -a y
List logical volumes:

# lvm lvs -all

With this information, and the volumes activated, you should be able to mount the volumes:

Run #e2fsck -f /dev/volgroup00/logvolXX partition


After that you can mount the partition.

# mount /dev/Volgroup00/logvol00 /mountpoint

Verify everything and unmount the filesystem. Exit the rescue mode and boot the system normally.

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